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Today I started the long process to get my MPA. MPA stands for Masters in Professional Accountancy. Its an accounting masters that also preps the student to take the CPA exam. Each of the last three quarters preps the student to pass 3 of the 4 CPA exam parts. I talked with Dr. Larsen, who is the MPA representative on the CWU-Lynnwood campus.

Dr. Larsen said I fit perfectly, my GPA, degree and experience are all what they look for. The only thing I haven't done yet is the GMAT test for masters students. I am in the process of contacting Dr. Tidd (who is in Ellensburg) on the selection process for the GMAT. Dr. Larsen suggested I just take the GMAT cold, but I need to make sure that if I blow the GMAT that I can retake it for a better score.

Once this is established I will contact my employer. I am fortunate, my employer will cover a small portion of my schooling since the classes directly relate to being a state auditor. I will also probably need to take some loans, and search for scholarships. From what I understand, the program only starts in the fall (its a 2 year "night" course that would work around my work schedule). I figure worst case scenario I will have to wait until a year from this September. If thats the case I will start taking community college classes. The nice side effect is if I can take 6 credits, I can put my current student loan payments into "in school" deferment. I would like to do that and roll the loans over to Direct Loans when the Healthcare bill takes effect. One side effect of the HC bill is student loans will be handled by the government directly. I hate Sallie Mae, so I am hoping to roll my loans directly over to the government, yes they do run that better than a private for profit loan company :)

So, I am hoping today marks the beginning to get my Masters program.
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The last few days I have had a few people ask me about my school/age/debt situation. I will be 39 later this year, I have accrued a little bit under $60k in student loans (closer to $55, but I prefer to round up) plus the wife will also accrue probably that much, and I only graduated 2 years ago and have yet to start truly paying on my student loan due to wife's medical bills.

cut so you don't have to read it )

Oh, and I do realize I went in a tangent with this post, I will try and keep it more concise next time :)


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