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May. 8th, 2017 03:20 am
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I have a lot of tattoos and they are just building. For now I am just going to use this post to hold them as I get them. I will eventually post individually about any meanings/situations/etc around them. Also many of these are old photos, I will update them with new photos this week.

Link to gallery: 
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This is an extremely quick update as I have to drive to Oak Harbor in about 15 minutes.

1. Meds are working great. I adjusted the dosage Saturday night so I am still feeling the shift. I should have waited until next week since I am off all week.

2. I am ahead of schedule for nanowrimo, my current word count is 27,625 and I have all of next week off.

3. I got new tattoos. I don't recall if I showed the scorpion I got a month ago, but Saturday I started on the Sacred Heart/Ohm symbol.

Sacred Heart

I am about halfway done with the sacred heart, with an Ohm symbol inside. I was born and raised Catholic, but my family became Nichiren Buddhist for about five years.

Now, I am neither, but both had a large influence on me.




Here is a whole back image. The lion on the left is representative of me being Leo (no, not really into astrology, but I thought it was kind of cool). The center is the sacred heart/ohm symbol, and the right is a scorpion (my wife is a scorpio).

Well off to work, hopefully post more later.

PS. I will start posting the pics of the day again ASAP, work schedule is just too hard to go out of my way :)


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