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We went down to Phoenix Arizona in March 2017 for Wolsey's surgical consultation. If you want to read the brief post about the trip go here, if you want to read about the doctor's appointment/transition surgery go here.

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Day 2

Oct. 25th, 2009 05:03 pm
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Well it is day 2 since my surgery. The nerve block they did on my leg is completely gone, however the drug use has also been reduced. I can feel the ache in my ankle, but I don't like taking a lot of drugs, so I am trying to balance things. I really do hate the fact that I am losing days. I drift in and out, work on websites a little then drift out again.

I have been working on some game things, the wife and I have gone over some of DL rule changes and I am working on the new undead race. The rest of the time (between dozing off) has been watching the DVR. I have been told that the doctor was unpleasantly surprised by how bad my ankle was. When I see him next I will post exactly what was wrong (two bone chips, not one, damaged tendons, frayed ligaments and damaged soft tissue). I think the most uncomfortable part of this is my leg doesn't feel like its laying straight. Its because they wrapped it up to hold it still due to the surgery and its so used to the laxity (and laying at a different angle).

Since I realize I am rambling now, I figure I should stop. I will try and be clearer later :)


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