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This weekend has been pretty damn cool. [ profile] ethicalcannibal and I have both worked out twice, so much so that I can barely move my arms up to head level. I feel incredibly good about weight lifting again, I am hoping we can stick to at least a twice a week regimen, and hopefully more than that. We also sat around all weekend and watched [ profile] ethicalcannibal play Fable 2. I enjoy watching her play stuff and think its great. I have gotten my laptop to run most of my games, this means I can put off the box for a little while (or at least the decision to go to console). I played a lot of Day of Defeat Source this weekend, along with some Rome Total War. The best part though was her running me a solo game she runs occasionally, it is an awesome game and I can never get enough.

Work has been hectic, the entity I am auditing has a CAFR deadline tomorrow, they didn't get their electronic documents to us in time so I don't think we are going to be able to meet their deadline. In the end its their fault, and I don't necessarily think its a good idea to spend so much money on an award that really doesn't have any meaning except to tell the tax payers how good you are. Because of this deadline though, my shifts are going to be busy. Starting next week (March 1) I get to drive out to Skykomish (105 mile round trip) daily. The good thing is I get reimbursed, it will be nice for the credit card, but 11 hour workdays suck. That will be three weeks.

We didn't have a game this weekend, too many people were gone. I believe we are still on track for a game next weekend, but I will wait until that is confirmed. I also need to work on some plot stuff, I will do that this week, since next week is the long shifts.

Oh, I can smell wonderful bread baking, [ profile] ethicalcannibal is baking bread and I think it will be ready soon. I am going to go back to some of the Dying Light stuff I am working on, talk later.


Feb. 8th, 2010 06:23 am
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This weekend was great, albeit tiring. The event went really well, people were incredibly nice and we had a ton of people show up. It was only a one night event with no plot, but I was still exhausted. I hadn't realized how weak my ankle was. Even today it aches (albeit a lot less), and I just feel winded. It was great to see everyone, and very cool to meet new people. I have also started putting together the plot threads from different factions, I think it will be a great season for plot.

[ profile] ethicalcannibal had a flare up with Grave's Disease. That always worries me that it might become a full blown thyroid storm. We did everything we could to reduce the stress level on her. I feel bad for her, she gets frustrated when it flares up, there is no control she has over it and all she can do is try to survive it.

It helped that this is the first event that didn't cost us an extra couple hundred dollars (or a lot more) on the credit card. We can even put a tiny bit of money back on the credit card (we still owe for almost all of last year down payments, and all of this year's down payments, about $3,000 worth at 30% interest - Chase upped the rates this month just because they are dicks). Of course we still have to pay the second half of each event after we get the money, but it will let us start making payments back on the card. I am thinking by the end of this season, we may have most of the DL credit card paid back up. Next Season we will actually break even and maybe be able to put back into the game.

Today I have a meeting with a Director at the entity I am auditing at 7:30am, then a meeting with a principal at 9:00 am and then more meetings this afternoon. This might be ok, except I was awake at 4:00am worrying about the wife. I try not to stress her out more with my stress over her health, but sometimes I can't do anything.
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Today went extremely well. I got to get up with my dear wife [ profile] ethicalcannibal we hung out for awhile, enjoyed just being near each other. I realize I have been off work for a week, but up until yesterday they were drug and pain filled days. Today I got to truly experience just being around her. We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, its funny it seems like absolutely no time since we got married and on the other hand it seems forever. I cannot imagine my life without her and the only thing that saddens me is I can't be with her (at least in this life) forever.

She needed some fabric supplies for her character "Toothy" in Dying Light. So we went out to Pacific Fabrics, and then to Joanne's to get the fabrics she needed. I had to wheel around on my little trike (it holds my operated leg up so I an move around without a full wheelchair or crutches). After finishing our shopping I took my beautiful wife out for breakfast at the Totem. We had great food there like we normally do (and I need to take all of you out to Totem when I see you, its a good place for "American" style cuisine

We came home and hung out some more, watching court shows on DVR and just talking. We then were joined by [ profile] ashcake and [ profile] talkswithwind later in the afternoon. All four of us just chatted. It has been a long time since I have seen them and it was very nice to catch up on life. They will also be playing in the Mechwarrior game I am starting up (website will be up soon). Everyone except [ profile] _apprentice_ has responded with a positive in at least trying the game. On a side note, we will still be using GURPS, I have a conversion for the mechwarrior skills into GURPS so it should be a much more well rounded system. We then went out to Alfy's and chatted some more. Finally we ended back at our apartment and munched on the Halloween candy, watching Food Network Challenges until both A and T had to leave to go back to Bellingham. Not long after the wife and I went to bed. I slept for a ittle over an hour before I was awoken with my gastric reflux issues. So I thought I would catch up on Stargate Universe and maybe do an actual post (and hopefully they will be more regular).

I also just wanted to repeat, I love [ profile] ethicalcannibal more then anything else in the world. I realize it can bridge on unhealthy, but she is my life and it is hers to do with as she pleases. She is smart, sexy, a gaming nerd, likes sex, and mostly is just someone to be best friends with.

Thank you [ profile] ethicalcannibal for 17 wonderful years (plus a little over a year before marriage), I want another 170 or more. I love you and thank you for everything....


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