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I found today I am starting to run out of room for my free Wordpress account ( That being said I decided to double the space and get the $3 a month account and it comes with a free domain name. As it turns out, when I purchased the service it automatically registered as my domain name. Not intended directly for it to happen, but I think thats better than the I was going to do.

This all came about because I host on a free standing site. The problem being is it runs about $150 a year and it was coming due again. The only thing I really use it for is to refer people to here, to my gaming sites and to host my iTunes for Things You Should Know. I already direct people to my other gaming sites from here anyways so the only extra it really did was serve as an expensive host for the videos on iTunes. The reason I ended up using this site as my blog more than the .org was because this is a community and people come across, unlike the free standing sight that sits forlornly.

As it turns out, my feed to iTunes for my video casts has been broken for months. I keep trying to fix it, but it looks like I would have to start those accounts over and to be honest it is too much of a pain in the ass. I still do things you should know off my free Wordpress account (and of course Youtube, although I need to get some new videos up after the hubby's surgery, things have been busy). So I decided to cancel that site, save a $150 (and turn around and only spend about $35 for this, just for space).

So ya, thats why is gone after the end of May (if you even watch it) and why this can now be reached here at (well, after it hits the DNS circulation over the next 72 hours).
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I have been very fortunate, this year in January I started reading in earnest again. I am traveling a lot and work has reached a point that I can listen to audio books. Before this I was listening to podcasts but I want to go back to reading some books.

I use Goodreads, however because you can never tell about a site if you will lose everything I will also post here. If you want to see my Good Reads profile here:

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Just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive. Life has been pretty stressful and crushing. I meant to start up writing more, but since the last post my mom got sick, then passed away, then the funeral and then we moved the same week (this last two weeks especially).

It means I totally forgot to even write here, and I am sorry about that. I probably will be writing here a lot now. I will probably overwhelm all of you with coming to terms that both parents passed away this year within the last five months. Also I plan on doing a lot of movie reviews.

That last part is kind of exciting because while most things in my life have sucked, I am still married to a great guy and while the move was stressful, the place we moved to was great. We have a 14 screen theater, dozens of restaurants, pet stores, box stores, etc all within just a few hundred feet of our apartment. The location is awesome and I am hoping to see new movies weekly in my three minute walk over.

But ya, I just wanted to post that this isn’t totally forgotten, and I will be back even though it will be with lots of depressing posts.
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I have some good news and some bad news.


I haven't had a full update in awhile. I thought I would just check in and say the meds are working great. Even though I have been posting about anxiety, it is so much less than normal. Holiday season is usually the worst, and it has kept it in control. Even [personal profile] ethicalcannibal says there has been a huge change. I don't have the crushing chest anxiety feeling anymore.

Over the month of November I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. Its a contest to write 50,000 word novel in the month of November. You have to start it November 1 or later, and it must be finished no later than November 30. I have always wanted to write stories. I would start, write a few pages, then either hate it completely and throw it away, or rewrite the first few pages multiple times, and then throw it away. Well I finished a novel in November, approximately 52,000 words (around 95 pages for normal document size, or close to 200 pages for a paperback. I would have never gotten 20% into it before. I firmly think the meds helped me to focus so I could finish it. Maybe this means I can start studying for CPA again and actually follow through.


Sadly, I suspect my 18 year old cat, Orpheus, doesn't have much longer. Over the last two weeks he has gotten skinnier and skinnier as time has progressed. His abdomen has been expanding, but bones are showing the rest of the body. He doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, he is still bright eyed, and interested in everything we do. 

We have known for two years that he has kidney issues, and has long term renal failure. I suspect thats what is happening now. He is still using the bathroom, but the abdomen, and the wasting away are all signs of end stage renal failure. I plan on keeping him as long as he is comfortable, and I hope he passes quietly. The last thing I want is for his last moments to be in a vet, freaking out. He hates vets with a passion and it takes days for him to calm down. I do not want him to go out in pain or freaking out. So hopefully if he is passing, its quick and at home. However, if he just gets worse but doesn't pass we will have to take him in to the vet to be put to sleep.

Well, there is the good and the bad. Now that I can look up from my novel writing, I can try and update more often.

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I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would give a brief update:

  • Sickness is completely gone, feeling pretty good.
  • Went to my mental health evaluation (for anxiety), things went well and I will probably post about that later.
  • Finishing up the school district I am auditing (thank god), next week I go to Granite Falls SD.
  • Going to replace my current coffee use with tea use (wont decrease how much I drink, maybe even increase a bit).
  • This weekend is our last full group in house Shadowrun game. [ profile] talkswithwind and [personal profile] ducened are moving to DC. Should be an interesting game.
  • My short term goal is increase my sleep schedule, I think I am going to move my workout (even if it reduces it a bit) to later in the day. When I was working out hard I kept getting up earlier and earlier to do it before work (getting up at 4am), even if I went to bed late (11 or midnight). I don't think that was healthy.
  • Going to go back to 3 days a week at gym and the rest of the days I am going to try and use the exercise bike (start at short times again and work my way up).
  • Oh, and bad news, found out I am probably taking a 3% paycut in June. This in itself is not the worst, but I already make 30-40k less a year then someone at my old CPA firm with same experience. I probably will weather it out at least for two more years until I vest, then maybe I will go work for the Department of Defense as a Contractor Auditor.
  • Life with my wife is going great.
  • I need to get back to CPA studying, will start that in a week or so.
  • About half way saved up for my iPad.... taking forever.

There is more, but its lengthy and I noticed its time to go to work. I will post more later.


Apr. 21st, 2010 11:04 pm
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I realize I haven't posted much, but I figured I would give a quick rundown of how life is going. Then after this I can focus on one subject at a time.

After several trips to Bellingham over 4 weeks, we finally got my dad to pass his driving test. For the first time in 24 years, he has a license. When he was my age he got nailed for a DUI and some warrants. He avoided the warrants for a few years and his licensed lapsed. He continued to drive, but since he didn't want to go have to deal with the cops he just didn't bother redoing it*. Fast forward 24 years later and he has no more warrants, all his fines have been paid and he passed his drivers test about 10 days ago.

*This has to do with my whole childhood growing up, bikers, crime, and collisions with the law that I will slowly reveal :)

Now that he has his license, we gave him our 1989 GMC pickup. Actually I should say [ profile] ethicalcannibal gave it to them. It was her truck, but we don't use it almost at all, and my parents needed a vehicle and with SSI there is no money for new vehicles. I can't even say how much I appreciate my wife helping me care for my parents.

Dying Light
We have just finished our second Dying Light event. We have 50+ people in the database, and our overall events are slightly larger. Running plot for the second year means its getting easier. I have a few foolish people who have volunteered to help me, and I will take advantage of it. My only real worry about Dying Light is the wife's health and my ability to get my Master's degree and work full time. However, it looks pretty good at the moment :).

Travel is done for the next three months at least. I have taken over the Financial Statement audit of the County. Although it means no extra cash from reimbursements for mileage, it does mean I get home relatively early, that I get to brush up my resume with being in charge of our largest audit, and just a chance to audit a place that actually knows what they are doing. It will be a good distraction until they send me away after the County.

Other Gaming

Mechwarrior is going well, the group has been successful guerilla fighters and there has been no major losses. At the moment its starting to get harder for them, but I think they will do well.

In other gaming news, I am having the group start working on making Shadowrun (GURPS) characters. We have had a few weeks where not enough of the main mechwarrior group can make it, so we just cancel. This way there can be a campaign game that involves a rotating number of players. The Shadowrun concept is much easier to have a varied main crew. I can at least rationalize why some characters don't reach it.

Love is alive and well. [ profile] ethicalcannibal  is the best thing that has happened to me. I cannot be happier than being married to her. Even if we are starting to move in on 18 years of marriage :)

Just a brief update of my life.


Dec. 29th, 2009 10:16 pm
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I have been sick now for about 36 hours. Not the puking kind (thank the gods), rather the sore throat and fever kind. I was originally going to go into work anyways (after my audiology appointment to check my hearing). However, my beautiful wife [ profile] ethicalcannibal was smart and convinced me to cancel the appointment and not go in.

In addition I stayed home, however I did have the advantage today of being able to work from home. I have an upcoming audit, and it takes about 10-12 hours worth of time to read the entity's minutes and look for areas I will need to investigate. I got a good 8 hour chunk of it done today, from my couch. Have I said recently how much I like my job.

I did get a gentle push by some people higher up to apply for the "Team Performance". This team does the performance auditing for the state (focusing on different projects at different times). They are trying to expand it and it would involve being part of the team that finds ways for the state and local governments to save money. Its a lot more fun type of auditing then financial statements, or federal single audits (and even more fun than accountability auditing - I do all three types for my current team).

However, I wasn't sure this would work for me, and after talking with the wife I am sure of it, so I won't apply. The first problem is the location. I would have to move down to Olympia. While it would put us closer to our Vancouver/Portland friends (and that would be cool), it takes us further from my family in Bellingham, takes the wife away from the college she is returning too in March, and takes me away from my friends. The second problem is the politics. Team Performance is a very politically motivated team. They are sort of the "cause" pushed for by the higher ups. This means a lot more legislative and political scrutiny. In addition the team itself supposedly has politics in between members (one of my current team's people is from Team Performance Audit). I really like my co-workers, I enjoy what I do and I don't really want to deal with politics. Maybe I will look at this again after [ profile] ethicalcannibal graduates with an accounting degree in a few years.

I am also very happy with our current mechwarrior campaign (not the best transfer between subjects I know). The team is getting along great, I think there is a connection between the characters that has been lacking in most of the recent games in the last 5 years. I especially think this is the case because several people are not super interested necessarily in the tabletop version of Battletech, but they are enjoying the group and the RP that they are satisfied enough.

Rest of my life in a nutshell:
  • Christmas went well, got to see the parents, hang out and visit the rest of the family as well.
  • My ankle is doing very well, it aches with me being sick right now, but PT is going fine and I am beyond where I think I would be normally.
  • I am still unable to drive, my doc is being super super conservative, this means poor [ profile] ethicalcannibal is still driving me to and from work (and any subsequent worksites I have to go to).
  • Orpheus seems to have recovered, he is pretty much himself.
  • Avatar rocks, rocks so much that I am taking the wife and nephew and niece to see it a second time (nephew and niece are seeing it for the first time).
  • We are hoping to go down to Vancouver and visit the Vancouver/Oregon folks on the 22nd of January (returning afternoon of the 23rd).
  • I am sick of candies/cookies, I cooked a bunch (as did the wife) to give to our local friends/family. I am still gathering recipes to send off to my friends in Australia and England. I want to make sure they survive the journey (and I think I found some damn nice shortbread like cookies).
  • Oh, and FIOS is working extremely well, I am so far extremely happy with it over Comcast/DSL.
  • I am on Facebook, but am undecided if I want to keep that path. I like a lot of the people, but there is a lot of noise to real communication ratio, maybe instead of FB I will reopen twitter. I got more information that way than I do with FB.
Well that's it for now, one of my New Year's goals is to post more, so hopefully you guys will get to read my stuff more often.


Aug. 19th, 2009 06:38 am
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I have to say that yesterday was both awesome and extremely tiring. It started at noon with taking [ profile] imake1tgirl to Dick's in Seattle, to get cheeseburgers, we then went to her her Endocrinology appointment. That went extremely well, it looks like the remission is holding and that makes me so damn happy. Even if we had done nothing else, that would have made it the best day possible.

We then went on a journey to find army surplus stuff for our characters/Dying Light. We started by going to Surplus Too, which is located down in SoDo. Like I remember it when we lived near it, the store was pretty cool. Unfortunately it is cramped, a little dirty, and a bit more expensive then I remember it. It does have some nice things, but there are a lot of non-surplus items that seem sort of hot topic like.

We then swung by and visited with [ profile] mickeemao for awhile, that was enjoyable. While I do game with him via PBEM games quite a bit, I haven't seen him in years. Hopefully this will be rectified. After visiting, we headed to another Army Surplus place on 1st Avenue. I can't quite remember the name of the place, but it was awesome. It had everything, it was all surplus and even better I found some tanker boots. I have wanted some for over a decade, the wife convinced me to get it. I may freak about our current economic status, but it was definitely worth it.

After all of this we headed over to Musashi's to meet with Kailey and Eric. I haven't seen Kailey in several years, and its been over 15 years since I have seen Eric. We sat, talked and I had a great time. We also went to an ice cream parlor afterwards named Molly Moon's ice cream in Wallingford. It was decent ice cream, although I much prefer Mallard's in Bellingham. We finally left and headed back to Everett and got home a little after 10pm. It was 10 long hours, it was worth it, now its the next morning and I am exhausted. I had considered calling in, but its probably best if I go in.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 03:58 pm
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Yay... we got a package from our good friend [ profile] bardon and his wonderful family. It consists of artwork, food and books. All of which are awesome. More info to come soon. Oh, and yes one day I will get to visit Australia!!!
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I realize a lot of my posts are complaints, anxieties, etc. However, this post is nothing but good.

Friday I ran Project Hidden for [ profile] finnegwyn and [ profile] imake1tgirl. Things went very well and the group is about to the point where they can start new adventures. I enjoyed making the world and even as we speak the world is currently changing. The end result of the world has been established since the beginning, but these last three campaigns have been set in the "breaking" of the world. I had fun Friday night and I am hoping to keep this going as closely as weekly as I can.

Saturday was overwhelmingly cool. It started a little off in the morning. We got up and ran over to what we thought was the Farmer's Market. We get there and discovered that we had the wrong day. Sunday is evidently Farmer's Market day. Oh well we returned home and had some lunch. To be honest I don't specifically remember what we did for the couple hours after that, except that it was mostly hanging out on the couch.

Early evening was the cool part. Me and the wife climbed in bed and played around for hours. Talking, laughing, having sex and eventually just laying there. I can give up everything else in this world, as long as I get to keep [ profile] imake1tgirl. We then got up, headed to Bridges in Snohomish (a giant pet store, much better then the box stores). The wife picked out a goldfish and we added it to the tank. We then crawled in bed and roleplayed one of her solo characters a lot more.

By late evening I started making a carrot cake for my little brother's 29th birthday. Ok, that sounds weird that my little brother (9 years younger) is now 29 years old. We roleplayed some more while it baked. Finally I pulled it out of the oven. It looked good, golden brown and the toothpick came back clean. Unfortunately an hour later when it was done cooling we noted that both parts of the cake were not cooked all the way. We threw it away and I prepared to make a second cake when the voice of reason from my wife came to me. [ profile] imake1tgirl looked at me and asked if we could just buy a cake and not make more. After some thought thats what we did. We picked up my brother a small carrot cake and a small white cake with white frosting. We came home and crashed.

Sunday started off great. I woke up cold. Now, don't get me wrong I don't like being cold, but after 102 degrees last week it was wonderful. I got up, watched some random action movie on Netflix Online, ate some Chex and got ready for heading out. The wife got up and we drove up to Bellingham. This time however we avoided the freeway, instead we took purely back roads. We went up US 9, crossed over through Mt. Vernon and then went up Chuckanut Drive. It as a wonderful stress free drive. True it took a good bit longer, but it was worth it.

We got up there, picked up the pics from my nephew Wyatt's birthday at Walgreen and went to my parents. There it was my parents, the wife and I, my sister Jackie and her special guy Justin, my brother Derek (birthday boy), his baby's momma Monica (I wish they would just get married) and my nephew Wyatt and niece Kristen.

We all had cake, hung out and chatted. I do miss doing this with my family more often and I really enjoyed it.We eventually wrapped it up and decided we should head back. Unfortunately it wasn't until Mt Vernon that I even thought I should have called my friends up there (sorry about that). I drove us back down Chuckanut into Mt. Vernon. There we had lunch at El Cazador. On our way out, I got the wife to agree to drive.

So [ profile] imake1tgirl drove us back the back way. She seemed to enjoy it and its nice to have her drive. She thinks she is a horrible driver due to some accidents and smart ass comments I gave her in the past ( I am bad). However, she is a good driver and I was happy to be with her.

We got home, hung out while I played some AA3, she chatted with some of the Dying Light players and things look good. We now have settled into our bedroom and will probably go to bed soon.

It was an awesome weekend!!!!
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This weekend was pretty good. Here is a brief overview:
  • Ran Project Hidden on Friday with [ profile] finnegwyn, and of course my love [ profile] imake1tgirl,  it went very well.
  • Got a few emails from various players of mine asking different questions. Will have to send out a group email tonight to see what everyone wants to do.
  • Went to parents on Saturday to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary and my nephew Wyatt's 1st birthday.
  • Got home on Saturday, visited with [ profile] mysteries, [ profile] finnegwyn, and [ profile] dragonzeye. It went well, I very much enjoyed hanging out with them and going to Alfy's.
  • [ profile] imake1tgirl and I hung out Sunday. Some solo-gaming, some adult play. It was an excellent day.
  • Woke up chatting with [ profile] imake1tgirl really early (3ish), that was nice.
  • Woke up at 4:40am with a weird dream. We were in a run down apartment. It was [ profile] imake1tgirl and I. There were three spiders on the wall, big ones. Each one looked slightly different. [ profile] imake1tgirl killed them. We then couldn't find were the bodies were on the tan floor. Eventually I found them and pointed them out. [ profile] imake1tgirl then picked them up and threw the dead bodies at me. Thats when I woke up.
  • After waking up I for some reason had a small anxiety problem worrying about my parents. I do miss living close enough to go over there for 15-30 minutes every day or every other day. Grew up very close and I dislike only seeing them every other week.
  • Finally got up at 5am and am now getting ready to go into work early since I am awake anyways.
More to come later.


Jul. 4th, 2009 10:33 am
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I noticed it has been awhile since I last posted, so I figured I would go over the things happening and our plans to change/fix things

We (as in [ profile] imake1tgirl) and myself have been very fortunate. We have survived her being sick, school, new jobs, and moving to two new cities. We have broken down what we need to do to fix our current situation (not between us, the marriage is going great, we love each other, and at least as far as I know everything is great there). We did however have to address three areas, Financial, Health, and Social. What I am writing here is more for me to work out for myself and less for everyone, just a warning if you read something that doesn't make sense, it probably does to me.

Cut to protect your friends list )

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Went to work, came home and then drove out to Kanaskat-Palmer campsite with [ profile] imake1tgirl and [ profile] finnegwyn  to look over possible camp sites next year. We liked the site, and contrary to what the reservation rep told us, both adirondacks are still there. It will make a good site next summer (unfortunately can't afford Miller in summer, and Lewis and Clark may be too small by then).

We got home, hung out and went to bed.

Went to work again, came home and did some calling around. Talked to the Department of Revenue about taxes for Dying Light, then talked to the Secretary of State's office about setting up an LLC. I can't tell you how much it relieved me to get this set up. In fact it is unlikely we will have to pay any state business tax (because the revenue is so small and the credits out there to help small businesses). Of course if we make a profit (wont happen for a couple of years if at all) we will pay Fed taxes, but at least statewise we look pretty good.

A side note, I cannot tell you how much it disgusts me that other Larps use the Boy Scouts and don't declare taxes. They lie to the Boy Scouts about what they are. No matter what they say, they are not Boy Scouts, they don't espouse the ideals of Boy Scouts, nor do they go by the rules. In addition since most Larpers are not heterosexual Christians, they would be kicked out of the normal Boy Scouts to begin with - hmm... I think I feel a rant coming on that I may write up, but I will let it pass.

I then ran a game for [info]imake1tgirland that went well. We relaxed and went to bed, this is when it went awry. I woke up at 3:00am with insomnia and dreams. The dream wasn't bad, I dreamt my parents were investigating a serial killer that struck about 20 years ago. My parents kept asking me how many pills they need to take with them while they investigated, ya it was strange.

I also had pain running through my back. The wife believes it is because the brace  I am wearing is making my body align like its supposed to, so all of the muscles are hurting. I am going to try and get a script for back massages. So I am taking the day off from work today. I will watch some tv, play some Lost Oddessey, and maybe work on DL or BT. Oh, and I have an MRI scheduled for 19:45 tonight.

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This weekend was packed.

We visited with

[personal profile] yog_sothoth and his companion during the morning (not sure if she has an LJ and I don't like using real names without permission). We went to Alfy's, had some pizza and discussed gaming and other life items. Later that evening we were then also joined by [ profile] finnegwyn and her "Oregon Boyz". It was nice to put a face to J and D. We then stayed up until 3am talking about Dying Light, and other things (but honestly it was mostly Dying Light). They have some good ideas, and they really want to help with the game. I am excited to be able to hang out with them as well.

We (as in me and the Girl) visited with [ profile] mysteries, [ profile] dragonzeye, [ profile] godling, and [ profile] finnegwyn. We talked more Dying Light, along with a lot of just real world things. It was really cool to talk with [ profile] dragonzeye more and to get to know him. We look forward to seeing them more often as well.

I then wrapped up Sunday night with playing some Lost Oddessey.

I now need to start studying for my CPA exam. I have been putting it off for a month and a half, I now only have 2.5 months before I take the test and I should get cracking. Of course this is when we decided to start DL so I deserve any grief I get for it :).

Well that's it for my random rambling, still exhausted from the weekend and want to stay home, but my inborn guilt wont let me.




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