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Better than expected when I don't take into account the white washing, although I was still a little disappointed. I would see the sequel because this is one of my genres.

The movie itself really isn't trend setting in this current day and age. I suspect the is a weird result of its original anime being so influential. Twenty plus years ago when it came out it was a relatively unusual, groundbreaking event, influencing such seminal works as The Matrix. The Matrix and other movies then in turn, influenced other movies making the tropes from the original GitS cliche.

The whole concept of exploring what makes you human really had nothing new  in this movie that you couldn't see in a dozen other movies that handled it a bit better.

That being said, Scarlett Johansson did a good job as the Major. I felt she did convey the spirit behind the character, but unfortunately not enough to raise the move above "just ok". I was especially pleased with Bataou and how he was portrayed, but once again they didn't give him a big enough part to do much more than give some interest. The rest of the characters were just blips in the movie.

Now we get to the white washing. This clouded my opinion of the movie the whole time. The movie could have been done with any Japanese actress and I probably would have liked the movie better. Once again not because SJ did bad, but because the knowledge of the white washing left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess as I get older, the harder it is to look past stuff like that.

The movie did try to give a partial explanation of a white actress playing a Japanese character late in the movie, but it was less of any sort of in depth story idea, and rather something pieced in to explain why the major has a white body and not a Japanese body. Basically it was a reason they could use on why they went with SJ rather than it being a real plot point.

The good: Decent sci-fi, nice choreography, and an ok story.

The bad: White washing with a bit trope thrown in.
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Absolutely, without a doubt, the single best superhero movie I have ever seen. Not only that, it is on the very top of my list of favorite "real movies" as well. I can't really come up with a better movie at this moment.

We went to see Logan in the RPX so we could choose our seat. However, it was a Tuesday and the RPX is double the price of the discounted Tuesday prices for other showings that there wasn't a packed theater. This meant no distractions and we could focus on the movie.

I can't go into too much detail here, I don't want this to have spoilers, but I can say I will post again and break it down. The movie had a huge personal impact.

What I can say is this is not your Avenger's big tent action movie. The focus is on an aging Logan, Professor X and a young Laura (c'mon its not a spoiler if its in the trailer). Laura is being hunted by a group of powerful mercenaries and Logan and Professor X are trying to protect her.

The R rating does allow people to see the brutality of what it would be like to fight Wolverine, limbs and heads amputated, faces clawed open and the absolute monster that Wolverine could be in a fight. That however was not what the rating really made better. The storytelling was much better. It could handle much more adult subjects such as aging, consequences of a life of conflict, and family. This movie is not for someone who is a child or who is only interested in a mutant battle. If that is the limit of a movie you are interested, go see the new Thor, Spider Man or Guardians of the Galaxy movies coming out this summer.

I won't say anything else about the plot of the movie except to say it mirrors Deadpool in a way. Instead of redefining a superhero movie into a darker comedy, Logan transforms this movie into a gritty western as much as a superhero movie. It has a very broad, if very adult, scope for an audience. Some have talked about Oscars. I think it would be justified to receive best actor/supporting actor nominations if not the actual Oscars themselves.

The emotional impact of this movie hit both me and the hubby that night. It was near the anniversary of my father's death (one year) and there were a lot of similarities, the movie was like a gut punch. Those I will talk about in my next post about Logan where I can break out spoilers.

The biggest takeaway I saw another critic say is that the R rating is an excellent injection into the superhero niche. Not for violence, but for the way it can open a story up and allow superhero movies to grow up and become full stories, not just comics.

It has been reported that this is Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's last movie each for their characters. 20 years of Wolverine and Professor X wrapped up on the best superhero movie made. I am sad they are turning in their characters, but I have to say it was absolutely the best movie they could have chosen to do so.

The good: Absolutely the best acting in any superhero movie, and in the top for conventional movies. The story is tight, not distracted with explosions or too many special effects. It satisfies both the action need and the story need that no other superhero movie can.

The bad: It is the last movie with Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman playing their characters.
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Let's just say it, that film rocked what it does hard.

First, let's be clear, John Wick series of movies is a lot of things. It's excellent fighting choreography, brutal deaths, an orgasm of male testosterone wish fulfillment. That isn't bad, I absolutely love it for what it is, a great revenge thriller, Keanu Reeves delivers an excellent badass air to himself. It has a lot of great supporting actors including Ian McShane as the Manager, Common is great as a foil for Keanu and even Ruby Rose, whom I dislike a lot as an actress fits in it.

The best part about it, is it stays in its lane. It doesn't try to be more than what it is and because of that it scratches that itch of an up-powered action flick that has a lot in common with the 80s revenge movies. I will see these as long as they keep coming out.

I was surprised that Keanu, who recently turned 52, can do the part. There is no doubt in his performance that he plays the person perfectly. I was surprised that I didn't want to tear my ears out with Ruby Rose's character. They were smart, they had her play a mute, used her looks as an attractive assassin. The only part about her I didn't like was the portrayal that she is a badass, sorry I didn't buy that for a second... then again I think it was reflected in her last fight scene so maybe the writers had judged correctly as well. The rest of the cast were great too, no complaints.

The thing I liked most about the sequel was its subtle expansion of the world of assassins. I won't go into depth as I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but the movie unwrapped a small slice more of the world, making it feel deeper and more real (well as real as wish fulfillment fiction can be).

Oh, and I really liked that they didn't repeat the same plot devices they used in the first (that is the only semi-spoilerish thing I will say).

The good: great action with lots of choreography, gun porn, and Keanu just rocked it.

The bad: could we please stop with "how cool" Ruby Rose is already?
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Just watching Sucker Punch now. There are some pretty fight scenes, some of the filming is gorgeous. It is basically one long music video (and some of the imagery is spectacular). However, it is probably the most misogynistic film I have seen in years. With the constant near rape of all the main female characters, the brutal treatment of them and the dressing them all up in oversexed clothes really is a turn off.

Don't get me wrong, the way Baby Doll (the main character) was dressed it was sexy school girl outfit. Inappropriate, but she was a fast fighter and I can go with that (not realistic at all, but was a sexier version of Buffy). But all the other women were dressed in even skimpier outfits, lots of bondage themes, etc.

I think it bothered me most that if this was the same story about a young male character there wouldn't have been the constant near rape fantasies happening, and I doubt the overly sexxy dress for all the female characters wouldn't have been there. Worst of all, they claim this is a woman's empowerment movie, that is wrong, it was a fantasy of a 13 year old boy (I know, I was that 13 year old boy).

Wow, does this mean I grew up? Or more likely I got to see the issues the women in my life have had to endure and it sort of disgusts me when people claim this movie was empowering women.

Oh, and for all the action, it was the slowest moving movie I have had to watch in awhile. Oh, and I didn't even finish the movie, I stopped watching after Rocket died to the hugely obese and abusive cook.
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When I was a kid, I loved the anime Star Blazers. At age 8-10 the first girl that ever wanted to hang out with me, and groped me in an innocent elementary school way was was Shannon Brandon. She would play Nova while I played Derek Wildstar and my other friends would play the other parts. Ahh 1979-84 was a great time :)

I am going to have to see this.

Oh, and I will eventually give a real update :)


Mar. 16th, 2010 09:52 pm
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I cam home from work (a pretty bad day, with incompetent people) and the wife and I decided to go see Alice in Wonderland. I will make this short and sweet, it was pretty damn good. We were a little gun shy after the horrific Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience. We were wondering if it was time to let go of Mr. Burton. However, he delivered.

I wont go into the movie much, except to say it is Alice in Wonderland and it isn't. The story is updated, and I liked it. I even really enjoyed the ending. It is a good movie, and is worth seeing. I can now see Mr. Burton's movies as they come out, I will write off C&CF as a one time bad experience.

Oh, we saw it in 3D, although to be honest I don't think it would lose anything seeing it in 2D.

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I knew I wanted to post something today, so I was trying to come up with something I felt was insightful and interesting. That is until I saw this. Its Part I (of how many I don't know). I can tell you though, it is really damn cool.


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