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The sign for my dreams probably creepier.Had a strange dream that I woke up pretty early from. It was a group of us sitting around, I believe myself, Jello, maybe Ted, Torie and maybe Sean. Also there were both of my parents (older).

We were going through a pile of Shadowrun books, mostly trying to figure out weapons and characters. Something about a submarine was involved as well. There were pictures we were trying to refer back to, and I think Jello was asking about a specific picture but we couldn’t find which book.

During this I mentioned some of the books were mine (I believe there was an “ork” book for Shadowrun I had in my hand). My mom mentioned for some reason that that specific book wasn’t mine. I popped it open and was expecting my name to be in the front page but it wasn’t. It had someone else’s name. I was sure it was actually my book, since none of our group had owned the book. I flipped through that book and a couple other books and while I did that, the books came apart at the binding.

Meanwhile my mom started talking about terrorism. Some things seemed right, some things I tried to correct her on. I ended up waking up alarmed and uncomfortable. Nothing bad had happened, no issues, no monsters, no one hurt. Not sure what was up with that dream.
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 Had a strange dream that I woke up pretty early from. It was a group of us sitting around, I believe myself, Jello, maybe Ted, Torie and maybe Sean. Also there were both of my parents (older).
We were going through a pile of Shadowrun books, mostly trying to figure out weapons and characters. Something about a submarine was involved as well. There were pictures we were trying to refer back to, and I think Jello was asking about a specific picture but we couldn’t find which book. 
During this I mentioned some of the books were mine (I believe there was an “ork” book for Shadowrun I had in my hand). My mom mentioned for some reason that that specific book wasn’t mine. I popped it open and was expecting my name to be in the front page but it wasn’t. It had someone else’s name. I was sure it was actually my book, since none of our group had owned the book. I flipped through that book and a couple other books and while I did that, the books came apart at the binding.
Meanwhile my mom started talking about terrorism. Some things seemed right, some things I tried to correct her on. I ended up waking up alarmed and uncomfortable. Nothing bad had happened, no issues, no monsters, no one hurt. Not sure what was up with that dream.
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I do have to say this week has sucked a lot. It started with having to turn my computer in. I did get my computer back on Wednesday (4 days early) so I guess I can't complain too much. Unfortunately getting it back early hasn't helped as it has been the week of suck.

Sunday was awesome. I hung out with [personal profile] ethicalcannibal, ran her some solo gaming, then got some solo gaming ran by her for me. Sunday did not suck at all, well except turning in the computer for repairs. Like I said above though, I was busy enough I didn't notice it.

Work sucked, there are some annoying entity staff at my current audit. They have put off doing what they were supposed to do and it impacts my work.  I did work out on Monday, so no complaints on that part.

Tuesday sucked because [personal profile] ethicalcannibal had a really sucky day. Her disease kicked up to almost as bad as when she was in full thyroid storm. The end result was she left school this quarter. It may require us paying back money, but I don't care, I only care that she gets taken care of. She is worried, but I am trying to reassure her. I am happy as long as I get to spend my life with her, everything else I can get over. I ended up taking the whole day off from work, but because work is going sucky I ended up working 9.5 or more hours anyways from home.

Wednesday I got sick. It started with a sore throat and a crappy feeling. I called in to work, but I still ended up working like 6 hours from home. By the end of the day I was sweating, feverish and fully sick. Sick enough that the wife had to basically pin me down and make me drink Nyquil. The one good part of this day was that I got my computer back. They replaced the logic board. Unfortunately I was too sick to play with it.

Thursday (Today):
Even sicker this morning. I actually had to use a full sick day, no working from home. Although I did get to play with the computer and by the end of the day my laptop was running games beautifully. It did this when I first got it in October 2008, but kept crashing from early 2009 and never could play games like I used to play on it. Today I tested some Empire Total War.... EXCELLENT. Although the recurring fever and cough can leave, I would appreciate that.

One thing that sucked all week.... no working out.  I  haven't worked out since Monday and I probably wont work out until next week with how crappy I feel. I  can already feel my fat cells expanding.

Also today I watched [personal profile] ethicalcannibal drawing for [ profile] finnegwyn's character in Shadowrun. It makes me just want to pick up an iPad just so I can do that sort of thing.

Other than that, things are picking back up. I postponed going to my parents tomorrow. The last thing I want to do is give my parents this sickness. Maybe we will see them on Saturday, if not we will visit next week. I do think this will be cleared by Sunday's game though, so that part I have some hope.

Oh, and I think I am going to start doing an occaisional one shot game intermixed with Shadowrun. Along the lines of my Halloween games. I really have been wanting to run some horror/strange one shot games. I think when I do run one, I will give everyone some warning, that way if they aren't interested they don't have to play. I would then make the characters (probably more realistic in points and setup, not the huge PC's we sometimes do for games) and all the players have to do is show up and play (I will probably bake as well, both "dead" cupcakes/cake and "survivor" cupcake/cakes). I suspect my first one shot game will be set in Burning Twilight as a Dead Space/Event Horizon sort of set up.

Oh well, now the coughing has started again so I will wrap this up, nite.

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Last night I had a bunch of dreams again. I woke up from one at 3am and then went back to bed and had another one.

The first dream was an anxiety dream. It consisted of my parents outside a farmhouse, a bit drunk, yelling and riding a riding lawn mower. they were older than they currently are, and they were disheveled, upset and it brought back a bit of anxiety from when I was a kid and they would get drunk. I also got worried because they were older and their health wasn't very good. Definitely wasn't a good time

The second dream I only vaguely remember now that I have been up. There had been some sort of accident that I wasn't directly involved with. The whole dream consisted of a group of guys in suits trying to sweet talk me into taking responsibility, trying to get me to sign paperwork and I refused. Not sure why I was dreaming about that, but it didn't bother me at all.

In other news, today is my Friday. We have Dying Light this weekend and I am taking Friday and Monday off. I may go up to my parents tonight for their 40th wedding anniversary, and if the wife or I are too tired to do it, we will do it Monday. Then next week I will work on the ARRA Stimulus Grant for Arlington, then probably take next Friday and possibly Monday off to go to Torin and Joelle's wedding. Taking Friday off so we can go down early if [ profile] finnegwyn can make it and possibly taking Monday off to recover from their wedding on Sunday.

It seems we are just passing all the busy weeks of the summer (this includes next two weekends), I am hoping this means some Shadowrun in the works in August and September (and more so as we go into winter).
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I just woke up from an odd dream. I was sitting on a bus and riding through a town. I recognized a bunch of people and was talking with them. A bunch of them I haven't seen since I was 19. I looked over and an old friend named Jay was sitting beside me. He was drawing something and I watched for a little while when I realized he was scribbling incoherently. He muttered hello to me and handed the undescipherable scribble to another friend named Doug who just sighed and said thank you. It took me a second to realize Jay was homeless and mentally gone and it saddened me. I woke up a little anxious from the dream and drifted back to sleep and ended up on the same bus. However, the bus had a huge hole in it and had no power, it looked like someone had shot it up and I just sat in it in the dark (I am sure this last part was from playing a lot of Battlefield Bad Company 2 yesterday).

Yesterday was pretty damn cool. I sat and got to visit with Torin, Joelle and [ profile] finnegwyn. We went to lunch, came back and they napped on and off (they came directly up from Portland from Torin's bachelor party at 2am, showed up here at 7:00am). [ profile] ethicalcannibal finished up Joelle's wedding dress and that is gone. Unfortunately didn't go to bed until 11:30 or so and awake at 4:30 with anxiety dreams.

Today I get to work until 4-4:30pm or so, come home and work out (if [ profile] ethicalcannibal is up to it), then probably go to bed (maybe watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this is the last in order I have seen, the rest will be new, hoping maybe the movies end better than the last two books). Maybe some Cthulhu tomorrow if I can get over being so tired.

Now that most of the required filled up weekends are over (not counting DL next weekend or Torin/Joelle's wedding the weekend after) I need to start checking the calendar of everyone, see if we can start the SR game up again.


Jul. 18th, 2010 09:54 pm
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I am happy to find out that Hearts of Iron III and Europe Universalis III are both mac compatible!!!!


Jun. 12th, 2010 01:05 pm
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I have attained success, has successfully transplanted to GoDaddy, Dying Light should go in about 2 days. It may take a day or two to put together the site and do a new database (I have the info backed up, don't worry I don't anticipate losing info.

I have also been putting together DL for tabletop rules, that should be up in a week or two. Its going to be simple, mostly racial templates/restrictions and we already have the complete history so it will be ready to go whenever I want to run it as a game for tabletop.
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Last night was good, got to play some Cthulhu and then crawled in bed with my wonderful wife. Woke up on my own at 4:30 (amazing I slept all the way through since 10:30 since we closed the cat out of the room). Was at the gym by 5am and pumping iron by 5:15 (did some bicycle riding to warm up, maybe I should follow [ profile] ashcake and start tracking the distances).

I got home just before 6am, showered and now I have some tea and getting dressed for work. I am sad, I have to take the car today as I have to go to the office two different times today but have to be back at the County in between to do more work. Its amazing how good I feel after working out. I went in feeling very rough around the edges and now afterwards I am a little tired but feeling really good, full of energy.

This weekend is going to be great, I got a GURPS Shadowrun game planned, old school "one shot" type. Of course I hope the characters do good and are there for the next "one shot". Until we can all get together regularly this is probably the best way to handle it. Although I am hoping in July it will become regular ([ profile] ethicalcannibal isn't going to school and my work schedule will slow down mid/end of July). Also Friday I am getting off work early so I can go see my parents, maybe visit with Sean and [ profile] ashcake / [ profile] talkswithwind . The only thing I am waiting on is if I have to run the game Saturday evening or Sunday. Its starting to look like Saturday evening, which may be better anyways. I am hoping Dunk can make it, that would be cool too (oh and [ profile] yog_sothoth you are welcome to come play as well). 

Well off to work.


Jun. 1st, 2010 05:46 am
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Yesterday was a very good day. We went up and saw Dunk and Iron Man 2. We had to cancel Cthulhu due to illness last night so [ profile] ethicalcannibal and I came home and I ran her one of her solo games. Unfortunately I stayed up too late. My goal this morning was to go in and work out at 5am (I get up about then anyways). Unfortunately between me getting to bed late and the cat I have gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep. I need to start going to bed and turning out the light at 10pm or so if I want to do that. If I perk up I will still work out tonight. I have been working out every other day this week. Feeling pretty good, but if I have to push it until tomorrow it will just get me back on my MWF schedule (right now I am ahead of schedule).

I am running GURPS this weekend, a group game of Shadowrun. I am pretty stoked about it. I am especially interested since I am running this like old school Shadowrun. I will treat it like a one shot game, we will see where the pieces fall during the game for the characters (and all characters remaining at the end can play in the next game after that). Think of a Halloween game without the overall horror/death situation :).

I better get ready, I am exhausted and this day is going to be long. Maybe I will go home early today.
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This Saturday was rough, with multiple things sort of falling apart, at noon all of these items had gone poorly with no resolution, fortunately resolution has been found on all items since then..

Item 1: Friday night I went to check the forums and I noted they were down. I reviewed the website and noted that the database was corrupted. Instead of the several hundred tables and fields, it had a single table with a single field with gobbledygook in it. I talked with the hosting tech support and it was use of html. Someone either accidently or maliciously put code in that corrupted the forum. The wife and I debated if we will pay the exorbitant fee to have them give us a backup, and then we decided the cost was too much and I put up a new forum (which I am now trying to get in the mode to back it up regularly manually).

Item 2: Our hot water in the shower has been leaking worse and worse. By Saturday morning it was a steady stream, from which our cat Orpheus complained loudly and vigorously with meows and whines. This is because we normally leave a small trickle of cold water for him to drink, and for the last three days he had to settle for water in a bowl. Finally Saturday afternoon the landlord's son came over and fixed it.

Item 3: Our Xbox 360 got the red ring of death. Sadly the machine died. We were able to resolve this partially. We were fortunate, when we purchased our Xbox 2 years ago we got an extended warranty. We checked our paperwork and found that the store had not written any of the detailed info needed on the warranty. We then took it to the local Game Crazy (we had bought it in Seattle but that store was now closed) and they couldn't even find the machine in the system. Fortunately the staff determined that we had a 2 year warranty and that it didn't expire until 4/26 (it was 4/24). So we were covered.

There was much rejoicing.... until we realized that Microsoft no longer makes the version of Xbox we had purchased. Gone were the 20 GB machines. We were given a choice, downgrade to an Xbox Arcade version, get a used version (which would be covered fully) or upgrade to a 360 elite. [ profile] ethicalcannibal and I talked, we didn't want a used machine, even with another year warranty. This led us to two options. We wanted memory so we didn't even consider the Arcade version. This meant we had to upgrade to the Elite for $70 (or original machine was $229, this was $279). On top of that we purchased the extended year warranty. True, normally extended warranties don't seem to be worth much, but in this case our 360 was still within the original extended warranty and saved us $229. Total cost to upgrade with a 2 year warranty? About $150.00 on the card. We considered not doing the card, but with no cash, the xbox is really the only non-rpg social thing we do at the moment. Although I do have to say, I may be annoyed at $150, its better than $380 I would have had to pay to buy one new (with an extended warranty).

So, by Saturday night all of these were fixed, unfortunately it had delayed my working on DL plot stuff, but I will see if I can do it today.
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This weekend has been pretty damn cool. [ profile] ethicalcannibal and I have both worked out twice, so much so that I can barely move my arms up to head level. I feel incredibly good about weight lifting again, I am hoping we can stick to at least a twice a week regimen, and hopefully more than that. We also sat around all weekend and watched [ profile] ethicalcannibal play Fable 2. I enjoy watching her play stuff and think its great. I have gotten my laptop to run most of my games, this means I can put off the box for a little while (or at least the decision to go to console). I played a lot of Day of Defeat Source this weekend, along with some Rome Total War. The best part though was her running me a solo game she runs occasionally, it is an awesome game and I can never get enough.

Work has been hectic, the entity I am auditing has a CAFR deadline tomorrow, they didn't get their electronic documents to us in time so I don't think we are going to be able to meet their deadline. In the end its their fault, and I don't necessarily think its a good idea to spend so much money on an award that really doesn't have any meaning except to tell the tax payers how good you are. Because of this deadline though, my shifts are going to be busy. Starting next week (March 1) I get to drive out to Skykomish (105 mile round trip) daily. The good thing is I get reimbursed, it will be nice for the credit card, but 11 hour workdays suck. That will be three weeks.

We didn't have a game this weekend, too many people were gone. I believe we are still on track for a game next weekend, but I will wait until that is confirmed. I also need to work on some plot stuff, I will do that this week, since next week is the long shifts.

Oh, I can smell wonderful bread baking, [ profile] ethicalcannibal is baking bread and I think it will be ready soon. I am going to go back to some of the Dying Light stuff I am working on, talk later.


Feb. 1st, 2010 06:40 am
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Yesterday we had our mechwarrior game and it went pretty well. We lost a couple of players due to the unfortunate inability for those players to make it regularly. The group found some booty and is preparing guerrilla war against the planet's occupiers. Oh, and I probably should mention the use of a tac nuke in a rather unique way.

The new GURPS translation of the stats worked very well. It was little halting at first, new rules/damages but it went smooth. The players seemed happy and there was a ton of roleplay. Our next game is February 21 and 28th next month. Dying Light interferes with earlier in the month, so we have three weeks until the next event.

I just want to thank all my players for being awesome. Oh, and I will be adding some major things to the website over next three weeks.

P.S. Don't forget to spend the rest of your academy points before next game, remember the old phrase "Use it or lose it".
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Well its been awhile since I have used LiveJournal, I shall be doing it more often (especially after I delete my Facebook account). I figured I would give an update on all my gaming (as in roleplaying).


We are about to enter season 2 of Dying Light. Sage and I are both excited and things seem to be going fairly well. We were successful in getting the rules out on our deadline of January 1, 2010. We are proud of that fact, and I think it is a relatively uncommon occurrence for LARPS to actually get rules out in a timely manner, and only once a year (I always hate the, which rule changed this month syndrome).

We are having a one night Winter Feast the first Saturday of February. It is a non-Plot event, meant to get everyone together, get some roleplay in, update characters, etc. I think its going to be fun, and I may be in pretty good shape ankle wise for it. 

On a sad note, we probably will not put out a player's guide this season. This is unfortunately because we have had absolutely no feedback. The players guide we were hoping to gather stories, histories, organizations submitted by players to fill out the world. Unfortunately people have been busy and unable to provide anything. As Head of Plot I will set some things up, but an actual players guide will wait until end of season, where I can collect more stories/situations/interesting info that might be good for it.

Mechwarrior I think is going extremely well. The group has been smaller last couple of games, but I think overall the group is a lot tighter then in previous campaigns. Unfortunately due to sickness this week we will not have game, and because it is important that the 5 people who have been here last two games can be here for the next game I probably will delay the game until the next regularly scheduled game on the 31st.

I am really happy with my decision that no secrets between starting characters. I think this has fostered a sense of team, no surprises and people can now focus on the storyline. I am thinking I may adopt this for the next couple of starting campaigns (I wont require that for new characters, only for the beginning characters). I also think it was beneficial that people made their characters together. I noticed the ones that did it together seem to fit better with skills, personalities, etc.  I am about as far in the planning process as I can get. In the next few games, the group will have the opportunity to make campaign altering decisions and I have three different story arcs outlined, but I don't want to get more detailed until those decisions are made.

I really am looking forward to the next game.

Yes, I actually mentioned Shadowrun. I think if in the future Mechwarrior falters or if players get tired of it we will go back to Shadowrun. I think I will adopt the same beginning campaign strategy (all new characters, starting points, made together, knowing each other's secrets and starting as an already existing team). Now, I will probably let players rewrite old characters into starting characters, but remake them at the same time people make new characters.

In addition I have some updates I have been working on dealing with cybernetics and magic. The first campaign went fairly well, it was a great beta test of converting Shadowrun to GURPS and I was happy to find that GURPS actually works better than Shadowrun for the Shadowrun world (a lot more variety).

[ profile] ethicalcannibal and [ profile] finnegwyn have both made characters for a small Superheros game. Unfortunately our scheduling seems to not be hooking up. I am working on that. Maybe later this month we can actually get it going.

I shut down one of the private games I run for [ profile] ethicalcannibal and replaced it with a different one. I don't go into detail because I know that the wife is a bit self-conscious about the games, but I can assure, the games do not take place in any of our current campaign worlds :).  However, I think she is really enjoying the old standby game and the new game we just started. That makes me happy

In addition the wife runs me a supernatural hunting game. IT IS AWESOME!!!! She is an excellent storyteller and an excellent GM. SHE IS AWESOME!!! Just thought I would share.

Well that's my quick gaming (RPG) update.

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I am going to be in Bellingham twice this weekend, I am taking tomorrow off to get the car checked out, then up to Bellingham to help parents with some appointments. Unfortunately I will have to cancel tomorrow's plans with Matt, hopefully I can get through to him by then. Then we have to go back up on Saturday, damn I am exhausted.

Work is going very well. They changed up the schedule, and starting next Monday I need to commute to Oak Harbor daily for an audit until mid october. It should be fairly straight forward, and there will be good reimbursement of both mileage and hours. Means I might be able to take a small chunk out of the credit cards YAY!!!!

Non-Larp Gaming:
Today ran Project Hidden. It was the first time in over a month (and it was nice), unfortunately a small game, but it was fun. This Sunday is our first Burning Twilight game in about as much time, that should be fun as well. Finally we will probably once again play PH either Friday or Monday depending on how I feel.

Dying Light
Dying Light's inaugural game was awesome. When we started this we would have been happy at 10 people. We know that the other larp we ran had only 7 its first game so we had higher hopes I guess. By the time the event occurred we had 25 people in the database, and 23 people showed up with another 4 adding characters to the database (for a total of 29 people interested enough to submit characters and requests). Hitting over 20 for our first event (in what is really a beta version of our game) was awesome. We have already determined some issues and are working on patching them for the new year (Healing was the main part, but we are working on a gun path and other path additions).

The game went really smooth. There were some issues, namely we were a tent only site with a primitive bathroom. The site is small and it rained a little in the mornings. I do think the small site did promote more interaction, but I have a feeling that being a pro is based on the person you ask.

Plot was fun but also extremely exhausting. For the most part plot consisted of me, [ profile] ethicalcannibal, [ profile] finnegwyn, [ profile] godling, and a couple of volunteers. We were ran ragged and got about 2 hours of gaming in. True, the gaming was something we don't expect to do until we find someone we want in charge of plot and who is stupid... I mean wonderful enough to want to run plot.

We wrapped the game up and the best part was how many people said they were happy, including people new to larping. That is the key to a successful larp, having the brand new people be excited and wanting to come back. Some of them were so excited that even though they are going to miss the September game due to a vacation that was scheduled, they paid the entry fee so they could get blanket (and they have sent us plans on what they want to do in October).

Now it is a week later and we have already had a rules meeting and a plot meeting. We are working out issues and I really think the game will be stronger. In addition we now have somewhere near 35 characters in the database (each person only has one character currently), we also know at least 4 more are being made. In addition we get to play at an ELC from now on, now we have running water, a heated cabin that will sleep 24 (with a kitchen, living area, hearth, and two private bedrooms) and about 5 miles of trails and camping area (wife and I are going to camp in our tent still).

We are sad, we know a few of the players can't make September due to previously scheduled things. However, things are going really well, better then we had hoped for and from what we can see October may be packed with people. I think this means as we hit Season 2 in March things will pick up again and by next summer we should be rocking.

Oh, I have pictures I just need to go through them, once that is done I will post them up here (or on flickr, still deciding that one).

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Life is good. I am happy to be alive. I figured I would pop on here and do a non-twitter update that way people can see I am actually still breathing. Sad part is I am probably still going to bullet point some things because so much is going on and I only have 15 minutes to type it up here.

My Sunday group for Burning Twilight is going great. We have seven players and they all seem to be gelling. Well there is probably going to be some interpersonal issues but so far it all appears in game. The group is working as a team and I am feeling more and more confident they will do well (even if there is some games they may all have to go screaming away). We are on a three week seperation, normally we play every other weekend but Norwescon/Easter is extending the down time another week. It will give me a chance to work on the website, getting some more races up and maybe giving them some additional universe details. YAY for game.

Project Hidden is still happening, but we are down to two players. I changed the focuse of my group game to BT to better suite some of the new players, and to let some of the older players who weren't having as much fun with PH get into a game they will enjoy more. Although I am already noticing a change in demeanor of the group. With it being so small, it is developing into quite a different animal. We have only played one game (since this isn't the primary group game, it doesn't receive the same attention the primary game gets). We will see how this is going to pan out, although I think it will be fine.

Work is going great, I am on the last part of my first audit as AIC (Auditor in Charge). Things are going smoothly, but I wont let that distract me as that is always the time something comes apart during an audit. I should be wrapping up this school district next week (hopefully before Norwescon, otherwise it will be the week after). After that I will start AICing the largest Financial Statement audit our team does, Snohomish County. I am pretty excited, and a little awe struck that they are having me do this.

We get monthly P.R.A.I.S.E (no I don't remember what it stands for, its just a "go over our strengths" type thing) meetings with our management. Things are going excellent and I have good hopes. I went into my March PRAISE yesterday afternoon. I headed home after the meeting and got a call an hour later from one of the Assistant Managers. She was giving me a hard time that I left so soon after the meeting because I missed the big news. Evidently I am getting promoted. Of course the Team Manager hasn't approached me yet so its not official, but I am excited, mainly because of the pay raise that comes with it. Of course I should learn not to get too excited, just in case. Yet I am.

This is especially good news since its before my year anniversary, which means if this works out I will get moved up "two steps" from my new promotion as opposed to getting moved up two steps and then given the promotion (the difference is only about 2.5% pay raise, but I am a greedy boy and will take what I can get). Crossing my fingers, if it works this way, it will be slightly over a 10% raise between the two different incidents (if I get promoted then my year).

Although nothing is official, I am excited.

Only 8 more days... YAY!!!!

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I have spent the last few days getting everyone's characters verified, working on gaming ideas for both BT and PH and putting some things together for [ profile] imake1tgirl's solo games. Today I was playing around with the Cosmographer. It works great for making maps but I am going to need to make new symbols. The current symbols sort of suck and not as detailed as I would like for the star maps. Then I got thinking I could print out the default template and open it either in acrobat or photoshop and probably get something that looks even better, just using the template as a base.

Now I am playing around with all three options trying to figure out the best way. The biggest annoyance about Cosmographer, other then the symbols is its PC only. Then again my mac is bootcamped so I can play games and do other things so I shouldn't probably worry about it. I think its mostly I want it to look good for the group on paper and on the site and I get a little overwhelmed by it. :)

On another point with BT. There are enough people with enough hunteds/enemies that I am pretty sure every week will be something (plus the something in the story arc). It looks like it will be a bloody affair, but I think we got enough RP'ers that there will be a lot of RP in addition. YAY we play Sunday, that is cool, especially since [ profile] imake1tgirl's schedule change. She doesn't have to go to bed quite so early. Now the game will still end about the same time, people have to drive home, but its nice that she wont be worrying about sleep.

In other news I am on page 622 of my large FARS section study book. 123 pages to go, then two small 100 page books. After that I will start studying online until my test at the end of May.

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I took yesterday off so the wife and I could go see our new doctor. Turns out our new doctor sucks. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying she doesn't know what she is talking about, rather she doesn't care. She didn't cover any of our specific problems (it sounds like she expects us to go in separately for every specific problem). I identify that as an insurance scam (trying to soak the insurance for as much as possible, the doc I worked for had started doing that before I quit managing his office). She didn't even look at most of our issues, and what she did respond to she sort of blew off. I don't think I will be going back to her, time to get a new doctor (good thing my insurance is not HMO).

I went home and slept, then got up and dinked around with the burning twilight campaign. I will have a website up for that pretty soon. I also got asked by another friend to join in. That means we technically have seven people playing, although knowing my group I will have 5 or 6 steady players. Its always good to have to many rather then not enough.

I woke up this morning at 400am, had the weirdest dreams all night and now I am exhausted. However getting up that early allowed me to study 60 more pages of my FARS section for my CPA exam. My goal with that is to quickly read through all 1000 pages or so of study material (a 700 page book, a 200 page book and a 135 page book), by the end of the month. I will then use the online/computer study course to redo the material and test on it. I am doing pretty good, I am already on page 173 of studying with only 2.5 days worth of study (probably 5 hours total). I am sure by the end of this month (or sooner) I will be done reading the books. It then gives me from April 1st - May 28th to do the online/computer courses. This is supposed to be the hardest part of the four (hence why I am taking it first).

Well out of here, evidently time is slipping by and its time to get to work.
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I have started posting again in [ profile] twilightburning, I will start updating the progress of the BT revision, and notification of when the new website will go up.


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