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I woke up this morning and noticed it was dark and foggy. Not just a little foggy mind you, rather it looked like what you would imagine it looked like for Jack the Ripper in old London.

I am a little sad that summer is over. I didn’t get to do even a quarter what I wanted. Life was just way too busy with Dying Light, work, and wifey being sick. Fall however is still my favorite time of year. Halloween is coming soon, as is our wedding anniversary (18 years) and my beautiful wife’s birthday. While she may not like to celebrate it, I love celebrating her birthday (a lot more than I like my own).

This week will be really busy as well. Work has a few deadlines left I have to fulfill. The entity I am auditing is pretty nice, seem organized and it is running well. The only problem is I have to do a completely new type of testing and the entity doesn’t follow the same accounting manuals that 99% of local governments due, plus we are tight on budget. In addition this is the week before Dying Light.

For Dying Light I have a lot of things semi-planned. My only worry is the wife has been fairly sick. If she is still sick Thursday night she is not going, her health is 100 times more important than anything else. If she doesn’t go it wont be too big of a problem. I will go down and be logistics, then switch over to plot all weekend. I really do hope she isn’t coming out of remission. There is talk of upgraded medication, the last thing we need is her going into a full blown thyroid storm.

Well, better get going, time to work.

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First, woke up at 5:00am but had an on again off again sleep. Dreams were weird and anxious, I think its mostly an over-tired sort of thing, plus every time I sleep with the bedroom door closed it gets stuffy and I dream funny. Ankle and back both ache.

The weekend went really well. We have had a steady stream of new people in the last two months that are repeat customers. They are very low key and seem to be enjoying the game. Some of our regulars were busy this weekend and others probably wont be coming back. It will be nice to see the ones that couldn't make it come out next month, and I wish luck to those that wont be coming back. I still don't understand why people wont just say they just aren't into the game, but then again I guess it might be natural to worry that the wife or I may be upset about it (not everyone likes the same kind of game).

I will give a more detailed update of event later today. For now I will try and wake up with a cup of tea.
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This Saturday was rough, with multiple things sort of falling apart, at noon all of these items had gone poorly with no resolution, fortunately resolution has been found on all items since then..

Item 1: Friday night I went to check the forums and I noted they were down. I reviewed the website and noted that the database was corrupted. Instead of the several hundred tables and fields, it had a single table with a single field with gobbledygook in it. I talked with the hosting tech support and it was use of html. Someone either accidently or maliciously put code in that corrupted the forum. The wife and I debated if we will pay the exorbitant fee to have them give us a backup, and then we decided the cost was too much and I put up a new forum (which I am now trying to get in the mode to back it up regularly manually).

Item 2: Our hot water in the shower has been leaking worse and worse. By Saturday morning it was a steady stream, from which our cat Orpheus complained loudly and vigorously with meows and whines. This is because we normally leave a small trickle of cold water for him to drink, and for the last three days he had to settle for water in a bowl. Finally Saturday afternoon the landlord's son came over and fixed it.

Item 3: Our Xbox 360 got the red ring of death. Sadly the machine died. We were able to resolve this partially. We were fortunate, when we purchased our Xbox 2 years ago we got an extended warranty. We checked our paperwork and found that the store had not written any of the detailed info needed on the warranty. We then took it to the local Game Crazy (we had bought it in Seattle but that store was now closed) and they couldn't even find the machine in the system. Fortunately the staff determined that we had a 2 year warranty and that it didn't expire until 4/26 (it was 4/24). So we were covered.

There was much rejoicing.... until we realized that Microsoft no longer makes the version of Xbox we had purchased. Gone were the 20 GB machines. We were given a choice, downgrade to an Xbox Arcade version, get a used version (which would be covered fully) or upgrade to a 360 elite. [ profile] ethicalcannibal and I talked, we didn't want a used machine, even with another year warranty. This led us to two options. We wanted memory so we didn't even consider the Arcade version. This meant we had to upgrade to the Elite for $70 (or original machine was $229, this was $279). On top of that we purchased the extended year warranty. True, normally extended warranties don't seem to be worth much, but in this case our 360 was still within the original extended warranty and saved us $229. Total cost to upgrade with a 2 year warranty? About $150.00 on the card. We considered not doing the card, but with no cash, the xbox is really the only non-rpg social thing we do at the moment. Although I do have to say, I may be annoyed at $150, its better than $380 I would have had to pay to buy one new (with an extended warranty).

So, by Saturday night all of these were fixed, unfortunately it had delayed my working on DL plot stuff, but I will see if I can do it today.
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The last two days I have been commuting out to Skykomish. Its about an 1.5 hour (or a little less) commute each way and I get gas reimbursement and exchange time for it. Its a nice drive, but by the end of the day I put in at least 11 hours and it does make me a bit tired. This is why last two days I hadn't done any working out. The wife and I plan to remedy this on Thursday, get in a good workout before going down to Dying Light on Friday.

I woke up this morning at 1:30 am. I was so hot and sweaty that I couldn't handle myself. I also was coughing a lot. Great, a fever and a cough not a good sign. I should have figured this was what was happening, yesterday my nose wouldn't quit running. Now its 3:00am and I am no longer too hot and my cough is subsiding, I think I am going to call in sick as I still am not on top of my game. I will probably work a little bit from home.

I realized this morning, this event will be the last event I take the whole Friday off. This is because after this Friday (at least until July) [ profile] ethicalcannibal has school until noon. It means I can work a half day at least each Friday instead of blowing a vacation/exchange day to head down for Dying Light. Don't get me wrong, loving DL, I just hate blowing a vacation day so I can sit down at the park until 4pm or later until people show. This way I can save more vacation for other things that don't require waiting for people to show up. I have a ton of stuff for plot planned this weekend, unfortunately I haven't been able to talk to my two main plot guys to go over the stuff, will have to have an impromptu meeting when they get there Friday night. The cool thing is I have a ton of plot volunteers, I will have to divvy them over the weekend, but I am stoked about that. Especially since at least the first few games I wont be as mobile with the still healing ankle.

In good news, combining our tax return and extra hours put in at work we were able to pay back about $1,000 on our credit card this month. Slightly less than 10%, but it was an awesome feeling (we are mostly worried about paying the two Chase credit cards used for medical/moving, the revolving line of credit has decent interest and the credit union is cool so we aren't so stressed about that). YAY!!!

Oh, and to just share with everyone, I love my wife ([ profile] ethicalcannibal ) I don't think I publicly shout this enough, so here I am shouting it again.


Feb. 8th, 2010 06:23 am
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This weekend was great, albeit tiring. The event went really well, people were incredibly nice and we had a ton of people show up. It was only a one night event with no plot, but I was still exhausted. I hadn't realized how weak my ankle was. Even today it aches (albeit a lot less), and I just feel winded. It was great to see everyone, and very cool to meet new people. I have also started putting together the plot threads from different factions, I think it will be a great season for plot.

[ profile] ethicalcannibal had a flare up with Grave's Disease. That always worries me that it might become a full blown thyroid storm. We did everything we could to reduce the stress level on her. I feel bad for her, she gets frustrated when it flares up, there is no control she has over it and all she can do is try to survive it.

It helped that this is the first event that didn't cost us an extra couple hundred dollars (or a lot more) on the credit card. We can even put a tiny bit of money back on the credit card (we still owe for almost all of last year down payments, and all of this year's down payments, about $3,000 worth at 30% interest - Chase upped the rates this month just because they are dicks). Of course we still have to pay the second half of each event after we get the money, but it will let us start making payments back on the card. I am thinking by the end of this season, we may have most of the DL credit card paid back up. Next Season we will actually break even and maybe be able to put back into the game.

Today I have a meeting with a Director at the entity I am auditing at 7:30am, then a meeting with a principal at 9:00 am and then more meetings this afternoon. This might be ok, except I was awake at 4:00am worrying about the wife. I try not to stress her out more with my stress over her health, but sometimes I can't do anything.
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Here is a couple of pictures of me playing Vaya in my costume. I play a "Seeker", a fey who spends his life guarding the other fey races. Of course in game I am married to [ profile] ethicalcannibal for the first time in our larping history. Its nice to be able to touch her like she is my wife.

Of course, I don't play much due to plot, but I figure I should at least put my costume on. Only sad thing is no ears, the wife was tired and making dinner and I had just gotten home from a 10 hour shift and wasn't capable of putting them on (my hands wouldn't stop shaking).

Oh, and you will notice that Vaya does not have wings this season, there is a reason for it :)

Just a normal picture of me, oh ya I forgot I have a beard now, it looks a little weird.

Me sorta posing, with a cat that is very interested and I am wearing the hat that [ profile] hornetskaya gave [ profile] ethicalcannibal .

Although the pictures definitely remind me that I need to start working out again.
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Just got back from Dying Light. It was even better then the first game. Unfortunately some of our players were not able to make it, however we had several new players (and we are keeping at least three, a fourth that will play when they aren't in UT and have time and the fifth, well you never know maybe he will become a gamer) and even though it was a couple of players less the game was incredibly fun (a lot more fun then the first, and I loved the first).

There was undead, pirate merchants, Cyborg commanders, Beastmen shamans, Vampire merchants, Marketday, swarms of more undead, a skull that was a magical key, more undead, a Death Shrine starting to open, defense building by the town, sacrifice of people to the portal, more undead, a beautifully executed ritual that slowed the portal and finally more death.

Oh, and lets not forget a bitter Banshee that keeps coming back.

There are of course more interactions, and I am sure these I just listed don't make sense. I just thought I would give a incredibly quick briefing of the event before I got some tea and food. Be prepared for a more detailed update. All I have left to say is I love the game, I think we are building an incredibly strong core and by the time we are done with the BETA season (October 16-18) I think we will be well on our way to an established game, that may be smaller for awhile, but beats out the competition ;)
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I am going to be in Bellingham twice this weekend, I am taking tomorrow off to get the car checked out, then up to Bellingham to help parents with some appointments. Unfortunately I will have to cancel tomorrow's plans with Matt, hopefully I can get through to him by then. Then we have to go back up on Saturday, damn I am exhausted.

Work is going very well. They changed up the schedule, and starting next Monday I need to commute to Oak Harbor daily for an audit until mid october. It should be fairly straight forward, and there will be good reimbursement of both mileage and hours. Means I might be able to take a small chunk out of the credit cards YAY!!!!

Non-Larp Gaming:
Today ran Project Hidden. It was the first time in over a month (and it was nice), unfortunately a small game, but it was fun. This Sunday is our first Burning Twilight game in about as much time, that should be fun as well. Finally we will probably once again play PH either Friday or Monday depending on how I feel.

Dying Light
Dying Light's inaugural game was awesome. When we started this we would have been happy at 10 people. We know that the other larp we ran had only 7 its first game so we had higher hopes I guess. By the time the event occurred we had 25 people in the database, and 23 people showed up with another 4 adding characters to the database (for a total of 29 people interested enough to submit characters and requests). Hitting over 20 for our first event (in what is really a beta version of our game) was awesome. We have already determined some issues and are working on patching them for the new year (Healing was the main part, but we are working on a gun path and other path additions).

The game went really smooth. There were some issues, namely we were a tent only site with a primitive bathroom. The site is small and it rained a little in the mornings. I do think the small site did promote more interaction, but I have a feeling that being a pro is based on the person you ask.

Plot was fun but also extremely exhausting. For the most part plot consisted of me, [ profile] ethicalcannibal, [ profile] finnegwyn, [ profile] godling, and a couple of volunteers. We were ran ragged and got about 2 hours of gaming in. True, the gaming was something we don't expect to do until we find someone we want in charge of plot and who is stupid... I mean wonderful enough to want to run plot.

We wrapped the game up and the best part was how many people said they were happy, including people new to larping. That is the key to a successful larp, having the brand new people be excited and wanting to come back. Some of them were so excited that even though they are going to miss the September game due to a vacation that was scheduled, they paid the entry fee so they could get blanket (and they have sent us plans on what they want to do in October).

Now it is a week later and we have already had a rules meeting and a plot meeting. We are working out issues and I really think the game will be stronger. In addition we now have somewhere near 35 characters in the database (each person only has one character currently), we also know at least 4 more are being made. In addition we get to play at an ELC from now on, now we have running water, a heated cabin that will sleep 24 (with a kitchen, living area, hearth, and two private bedrooms) and about 5 miles of trails and camping area (wife and I are going to camp in our tent still).

We are sad, we know a few of the players can't make September due to previously scheduled things. However, things are going really well, better then we had hoped for and from what we can see October may be packed with people. I think this means as we hit Season 2 in March things will pick up again and by next summer we should be rocking.

Oh, I have pictures I just need to go through them, once that is done I will post them up here (or on flickr, still deciding that one).

Nice Night

Aug. 9th, 2009 12:37 am
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After a rocky morning today went extremely well. Jeremy, Dave, Don, Torie all came over and chatted up about We hung out and then met up with Trish and Kevin. It was a lot of fun, connecting with new people, reconnecting with old friends and talking LARP. I am excited to do this, I am hoping that maybe at some point my non-Larp friends might want to try it.

Oh, and today we actually received our first money from the LARP. Up until now we have just been spending money, today was the first day we received money back for a pre-reg.

I will post details tomorrow, its late and I need to sleep. I just thought I would say something though :)

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Yay!! Its official we have set up Dying Light LLC, next step get our Master Business License with Department of Revenue, this way IRS/State can't come back on us for any money received for the Larp in the future. Its not like we will make any money (right now its almost $2k deficit), but it also protects us against lawsuit due to the LARP.

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Ok, finally got [ profile] finnegwyn's computer reformatted and prepped. It took me quite a bit longer then anticipated so my web designing didn't get as far. Additionally [ profile] ashcake has volunteered to edit our histories for Dying Light (and probably rules as well). This has delayed the website about a day. The rough shape of the site is ready, although I will go back and make it pretty when its over.

Other then that, I am still tired, hopefully I will sleep more tonight, and then start fresh on the website tomorrow.

Oh, and Thursday we may go to two different camp sites to see what they offer for event.


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